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NEU! DeskPack PDF-Import

Mit den neuen Plug-In für Illustrator bleiben ESKO-spezifische Informationen, die beim Export von ArtPro- und PackEdge-Daten in das normalisierte PDF geschrieben werden beim Importieren in Illustrator erhalten. Dadurch wird der Datenaustausch deutlich einfacherer und sicherer.

Kompletter Funktionsüberblick (engl.):

- The layer names are preserved, the locked status is preserved and the printability flag is preserved.
- Named objects: the names of artwork are preserved.
- Inks: EskoArtwork screenings, ink types, ink books, and ink order as shown in Ink Manager are preserved.
- For each object, the EskoArtwork screening is preserved and shown in InkManager. The Screening plug-in is not necessary for this functionality.
- All Structural design layers (from the CAD file) are imported.
- Page boxes: the Media Box and the Trim Box are imported and shown by the Trim Box and Media Box plug-in.
- Text is handled in a better way, text is kept live as much as possible
- Linework with mixed (DeviceN) colors will be converted into multiple appearances instead of resulting in an ‘unknown imaging construct’.
- Linked images: PDF Import supports links to external images. All links are preserved.
- Channel mapped images are recognized and remain their mapping, even on linked images.

Eine Lizenz kostet EUR 450,00 und kann bei uns bestellt werden.