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X-Rite eXact
  X-Rite stellt Nachfolgemodell des SpectroEye vor  

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Have you seen the new X-Rite exact Color Reflection Spectrodensitometer?

It's the coolest device on the market. The eXact combines the ultimate in measurement accuracy with exceptional ergonomics and user-friendliness. This handheld, portable spectrodensitometer offers all the densitometric functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color on-press. Plus the Standard and Advanced units also combine all of the colorimetric functions needed to accurately measure and control special colors.

Unparalleled Agreement
The X-Rite eXact offers the industry’s premier accuracy and multi-unit agreement for hand-held spectrodensitometer solutions, improving upon the benchmark set by its forerunner, the X-Rite 939 Spectrodensitometer. This unique capability enables only the X-Rite eXact to excel in multi-site or multi-party agreement, giving users the ultimate assurance of matches, resulting in color consistency and confidence in product or brand color integrity. Rely on the X-Rite eXact to effectively communicate color between print buyer, graphic designer, pre-press and pressroom, or to exchange crucial color information with ink and paper suppliers.

Unequaled Portable Versatility
Not only does the X-Rite eXact boast unrivaled inter-instrument agreement, it adds the versatility of remote measurements (Standard and Advanced), and changeable aperture sizes. And with on-board storage for thousands of color standards, tolerances and samples (Standard and Advanced), you can make pass/fail decisions at press side or in the field with no need for an attached computer. Of course all data is time stamped and saved in memory (Advanced), so ISO or vendor review reporting is a simple as connecting to any X-Rite Color software solution and transferring your supporting data. In short, the X-Rite eXact Spectrodensitometer is perhaps the most precise, intelligent QC tool for measuring and controlling color in your printing, packaging, converting or ink formulation or digital imaging operations. The X-Rite eXact (depending on model) can be used for quick evaluation of L*a*b* of an ink or substrate, Density or Dot Area measurements of a proof, and for full ink formulation when connected to any of our X-Rite Color Quality Assurance software solutions. On board averaging gives summary information at a glance, and the graphing display can present density or spectral data graphically. Use these unique, multipurpose capabilities to minimize color mismatches and avoid costly errors by making clear decisions based on the right data, at any location in the prep or printing process. eXact is built upon a new rugged aluminum frame with the latest in measurement technology. The new design is the first instrument to include four ISO 13655:2009 specified measurement conditions for a 45°/0° instrument. Not only are these included but with our Multi-Mode Optics the eXact can measure M0, M2 and M3 simultaneously in under 1 second

All three eXact models include a generous list of features including:
• Large Color Touch Screen - Easy operation with your fingers - Clear visualization of the measurement results
• High Speed Connectivity - USB and Optional Bluetooth wireless communication* (Bluetooth included on the Advanced model) *Some Countries Excluded
• Long Battery Life - Latest Li‐Ion Battery Technology
• Docking Station - Automatic Charging, Cable disconnects to go direct to device if required
• Robust Design - Aluminum frame provides rigidity and refined design
• Circular Geometry - Positioning direction on the sample has no impact on accuracy.
• Built-in Automatic Calibration - Maintain accuracy with minimal user intervention - Eliminates loss of calibration tile.
• Full Range of Measurement Apertures Available - Suits wide range of patch size requirements - 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 4.0 mm and 6.0 mm The eXact models measure: Color Reflection Density, Density Trend, Gray Balance, Dot Area (Tone Value) and Dot Gain (Tone Value Increase) plus the ability to measure and display Trap, Print Contrast, Hue Error & Grayness.

X-Rite eXact Standard and Advanced models
The eXact Standard and Advanced can also measure and display colorimetric attributes including CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h*, dE Difference in dE*CIELAB, dE*94, dE*2000 and dE CMC. eXact Standard and Advanced supports and simplifies the integration of the G7 process and ISO 12647 Standard. Further, the eXact Standard and Advanced have the ability to interface directly with all X-Rite Color Quality Assurance software solutions for advanced color database management. The eXact Standard and Advanced also include the Special feature “Best Match” BestMatch lets you know if you can get a close match to your reference color (Standard) by adjusting the ink density (offset printing) or concentration (flexo and gravure printing) on- press. BestMatch will help you determine quickly and easily whether a satisfactory match is possible. X-Rite eXact and BestMatch help you keep your ink color on target, even before you can see visible color shifts. You get density data for the reference and the sample, as well as recommendations on density adjustments to the ink to get the best match—all from a single display on your eXact handheld spectrodensitometer—no need for a computer or special software.

BestMatch Features:
• Works with spot colors and process colors
• Provides both colorimetric and densitometric information to guide the operator
• Indicates closest possible match to the reference based on recommended density adjustments
• Gives adjustment recommendations to increase or decrease density or concentration
• All the information you need is shown on a single display, including density recommendations
• Provides quick and easy interpretation of information for go/no-go decisions
• Lets you check ink color during press make-ready and during the print run

On board Digital Color Libraries
Built in Digital Pantone libraries include: Pantone Plus Series Formula Guide (Coated, Uncoated) and Pantone GoeGuide (Coated, Uncoated).

Optional Srip Reading Mode
The X-Rite eXact Standard and Advanced is ready if you decide to add the optional hand scanning feature. The strip hand scan option comes with a patented guide ruler so strip alignment is easy and scanning is simple. (This feature will be available in a future release scheduled for late 2012)

X-Rite eXact Advanced model
The X-Rite eXact Advanced designed to provide incomparable accuracy and usefulness in the most demanding printing, packaging, proofing and ink formulation applications has additional features to meet the most critical color needs. These advanced features include: dE Trend, CIE Xyz, CIE YXy, Opacity, Metamerism, Absolute Color Strength (K/S) and Relative Color Strength (DS). Paper Indices including paper brightness and cast, plus the ability to measure and display Spectral Reflectance, including Spectral Data Output and Spectral Graphing. The X-Rite eXact Advanced has a Multi-User Mode so set up can be customized and stored for each individual user. With Password protection you can be confident the instrument is exactly the way you set it up and is ready to go when you pick it up.


Ein Videoclip mit einem Bericht des ersten Anwenders von eXact, Warren Werbitt von Pazazz Printing in Montreal unter folgendem Link.

Ein zweiter Videoclip zeigt eine kurze Vorstellung des Gerätes auf der drupa.